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Eleven of the skinniest houses you have ever seen.

September 2, 2009 by  
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75.5 Bedford St NY
Photo Credit, Vidiot.

New York’s ‘skinniest house’ is on sale for 2.7 million dollars. It is only 9 1/2 feet wide. It is located on 75 1/2 Bedford St. in New York City. The current owner bought it in 2000 for $1.6 million.

Seattle Skinny House
Photo Credit, Steve Johnson.

A very skinny house in Fremont neighborhood, Seattle.

Amsterdam Skinny House that is bigger in back
Photo Credit, Ryan Godfrey.

This looks like a skinny house in Amsterdam. The size is deceiving, because the house gets wider in the back.

Amsterdam Skinny House
Photo Credit, kraskland.

This Amsterdam house is one of the skinniest. Kraskland explains “At one time houses facing the canals were taxed based on the width of the structure, so there was great incentive to make them very thin. Here’s the skinniest one in Amsterdam. ” But, this next one might be skinnier?

Skinniest In Amsterdam?
Photo Credit, eclipse_etc.

Another skinny Amsterdam house. This one does look skinner than the previous one doesn’t it?

South Carolina Skinny Pink House
Photo Credit, liverd_00.

This pink house is in South Carolina.

Helsby England
Photo Credit, Adair Broughton.

This house is in Helsby England. At first it doesn’t look that skinny. But notice the parked Mini Cooper. Now you get some idea of scale. This home may have been a spite house to block someones view.

Shitamachi Tokyo
Photo Credit, Jeff Laitila.

It is a little dark outside here in Shitamachi, Tokyo Japan.

Boston Skinny House
Photo Credit, Janet Calcaterra.

This skinny house is at 44 Hull Street in Boston. Wikipedia says

The structure was apparently built as a “spite house” shortly after the American Civil War. According to local legend:
…two brothers inherited land from their deceased father. While one brother was away serving in the military, the other built a large home, leaving the soldier only a shred of property that he felt certain was too tiny to build on. When the soldier returned, he found his inheritance depleted and built the narrow house to spite his brother by blocking the sunlight and ruining his view…

Paris Skinny House
Photo Credit, Alyosha Efros.

This Paris building is thin but pretty wide.

Skinny House Rockford IL
Photo Credit, Jennifer.

As you can see this house was for sale during the winter. I tracked down the listing, and it is still for sale. The price is $49,900 in Rockford IL. The house is bigger than it looks. This is a triangle. There is a garage even. Still only one bedroom and one bath.

A Large Inflatable House For Some Fun

August 28, 2009 by  
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Big Inflatable House

I found this on There aren’t any details, and wonder if it is even real. If anyone has additional news or can tell me where this is, please comment.

A common source for “created” images is Here is an image from Worth1000 that has a similar spirit.

“Temporarily Unavailable” is such a sad phrase

April 16, 2009 by  
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Temporarily Unavailable House

Update #2 4-17-09 12:38am: Everything should be working again. Thank you for your patience. There was a server crash. Now Amazon S3 is being used to host the listing photos.

One of my clients provided a good tip. Even though the photos were missing before, many listings have a virtual tour. The virtual tour photos were working all along. Also, even though some listings don’t have any photos provided by the listing agent, that house may have been listed before. Ask us to search prior listings for photos, and other descriptions. We will be happy to provide that for you.

Update #1 4-16-09 2:52pm: RSS feeds now work. Photos will be working late tonight.

The HelpShop website is being repaired. Currently anything to do with search is missing photographs. The new-listings and special-searches categories also do not have working images. The search RSS feeds are broken.

A real estate search website without images is a sad spectacle. I am a strong believer in the power of photographs to market a house. I am also a big proponent of empowering the home shopper to find their dream home with great tools. Well today I have failed you. At least it is only temporary. But for many real estate websites and many home listings, the crippled presentation and search is real. Those websites and listings don’t believe in the internet. They make searching hard, and too many listings have poor if any photographs.

If you like what I am trying to build here, you can encourage me. Help me spread the word of the search engine. Tell your friends about it when they say they are thinking about buying a house. Save bookmarks to it on and other bookmark sites. Blog about it. Twitter about it. But not today. It looks so sad today.

My internal tools have photos and strong searching ability. And they still work even now. You are always welcome to ask me for any listing to be emailed to you. That will include photos. You can request custom searches, and those results will be sent to you. I can even have those searches automatically continue to email you if something new comes up. Also, I can search in ways that unfortunately cannot provide just yet, even when it works. I can search based on strange shaped regions. This way you can find only houses that are north of a diagonal road, or just inside the beltway for instance. I can search based on words in the description. This way you can find homes that promote their in-law suite for example. I can search on property status. With this I can show you sold and expired listings. We know how much the seller paid for his house. And we can find sellers that have a great house to sell that was priced too high, and nobody is looking at them anymore. They let their listing expire. You can make their only offer. So even once HelpShop is happy and working again, I can still provide custom searching for you. And of course when we run searches for you, we look them over too. We have a lot of experience finding great houses for our clients.

To Sell A Home For The Most Money, You Need Great Photographs

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Don’t you like it when listings have many photographs? Isn’t it better when the photographs look good? Taking photographs for my listings and my blog is a source of pride. Most every home for sale has been looked at by prospective buyers online before they decide if they want to see it or not. To stand out in the current crowd of listings, make sure the photographs are done well.

Maryland Photography

In Maryland, the multiple list system (MRIS), now has room for thirty photos. It used to be limited to twenty photos, and the agent had to pay $12 to get that many. If the agent didn’t pay, MRIS limited you to six photos. MRIS was right to decide to encourage more photos. The whole system is more valuable because of it. Still it is very common to find listings that don’t even have one photo. Apparently not every Realtor shares my view that photography is essential to marketing a home.

If you want to list your house and get it promoted well with beautiful photographs, then give us a call.

If you are already listed with another agent, and if your home doesn’t sell, then once your listing expires, you might want to consider a different approach.