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Have you ever wondered what was the most expensive home on the market? How about what home has been on the market the longest? Which homes are headed for foreclosure and are ready to make a deal? Would you like to be shown a list of the bank owned homes? You know banks don’t want to own real estate. There are deals here. Do you want to see the newest homes added to the market before someone else snaps up the best ones? Do you want to buy a new home or save money and buy a home that is one year old! All of these searches are available right here. Just hover your mouse over the “secret” menu above and you will see a list of these searches. Click to choose any of them.

Here are two more secrets.

  1. At any time you are on the map search page, you can turn these features on and off with the controls on the left. The secret searches above just make it easy because they already have the settings set correctly.
  2. Best for last. On any search page of results, you can sort by different criteria. Sort by price or days on market. Fine that is standard anywhere. But here is the secret to finding the motivated sellers and the best deals. Sort by “Price drop %, largest first”. There will be some listings that were entered incorrectly once with an extra zero. Ignore those. Instead take note of the sellers that have finally become realistic on price.