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Maggie and PeteThis website is the Internet presence of Maggie and Peter. We have an about us page. But you can also read our blog to learn about us, what we find interesting, what we are working on, what questions people are asking us, along with the real estate and Maryland topics that we hope you will find useful and interesting. On a periodic basis, we publish a sample of the newest home listings to the market. This is meant to just wet your whistle. These listings cover too large an area to be useful to one person, so I suggest you create your own custom search for the area and price range you are interested in. You can create this search with our Google map based property search engine. Whenever something new comes on the market, or a price change puts a listing into your price range, you can get emails that send these listings direct to you.

Our search tool is very powerful, and provides all sorts of property details that you are missing at other websites. We report to you the price history of a listing. We enable you to search by price changes, by properties that are bank owned, or headed to foreclosure. All for free. There are no monthly fees. You can search for homes without knowing the zip codes of the neighboring towns, so you don’t miss out on that great house right next door to the listing you are currently viewing. I admit that sometimes the tools aren’t as easy to use as I would like, so if you have ANY questions, please ask me. I will be happy to help. Really, for any questions you have, send us an email or give us a call. And when you are ready to see that house in person, we would love to show it to you. No pressure. It took us two and a half years to buy our current house. We want to make sure you really get that house you desire. We have a long list of delighted clients that tell their friends about us. This is personally a very rewarding way to run a business. I guarantee you will be treated right.